Following Kellogg’s recent plan to optimize its supply chain infrastructure as part of a four-year plan to save up to $475 million a year by 2018, let’s review and look at how they’ve been handling supply chain issues ever since they started. Similar to what we’ve learnt from exploring the business processes of retail giants such as IKEA and Walmart, we can definitely draw a few important lessons from Kellogg’s supply chain and inventory management. Kellogg’s: An Introduction Kellogg’s is one of the leading companies in providing food items (especially breakfast items and convenience food) to its customers located worldwide.
In addition to our constantly updated changelog we’re going to start posting product updates here every fortnight (or so) to help TradeGecko users like yourself keep a finger on the pulse of the system. This week, we have a couple of doozies: 1. TradeGecko – Magento Integration Inventory management has now been solved for Magento users – this week we rolled out an integration with the popular open-source e-Commerce platform. The TradeGecko – Magento integration seamlessly connects your Magento sales and product information with your TradeGecko orders and inventory. We’ll automatically update your inventory and stock levels whenever a customer places
We had an amazing time at the Shopify Asia E-Commerce Festival that was held from 19 to 27 June 2014 in sunny Singapore. Its aim was to share how businesses can experience growth by venturing into the e-Commerce realm through a number of conferences and workshops. As a key partner of Shopify, we held a ‘Teach Up’ (workshop) on effective inventory management – where we shared some of our expertise and experience with a large group of the festival’s attendees. And we’re glad to share that feedback has been that these were some really engaging, fruitful insights on the importance
Baby Hero is a socially responsible children’s clothing company that was launched seven months ago. It sells organic fair trade baby clothes made with fair labour. On top of that, for every item sold, it donates a neonatal survival kit to developing countries to help mothers and babies survive childbirth and their first month of life. Wow, sounds very impressive, isn’t it? Let’s start from the beginning. A Little Background Alicia and Samar co-founded Baby Hero because they were very much inspired by their own births and experiences with motherhood. After going through very difficult births themselves, they became more
Tierra Blanca is a family-run microbrewery, founded by Jorge Darío and his father. With his father in charge of the beer production and creation of different beer recipes, Jorge oversees the marketing and branding of products. Producing Beers They Can Be Proud Of You may not know this, but Mexico is currently the sixth biggest beer market in the world. So far, only big industrial companies have been producing all the beer consumed in Mexico but the country has been going through a wave of beer revolution recently; there has been an explosion in the growth of microbreweries during the
A quick look at Google Trends reveals that WooCommerce has been garnering exponential popularity over the last three years. Certainly, it’s no doubt that WooCommerce has been one of the most popular go-to platforms for aspiring entrepreneurs for a long time. Because honestly, what better way is there to curate an online shop for your esteemed product than by utilising one of the most resilient and prolific Content Management Systems out there on the WWW – WordPress! Users who already own a WordPress site can very simply set up a web store to call their own with just a click or
Bruce Brown, partner of American Bedding Solutions, was your usual mattress retailer with four regular retail stores in Michigan, USA, until he had a defining chat with a non-profit organization. That organization was purchasing mattresses from him for their refugee resettlement programme because every time they brought people in from another country, they had to provide them with beds. The Birth Of An Innovative Idea Well, how non-profit organisations in the US work is that they operate thrift stores, where donated items are put up for sale, to generate money for the programme or charity. So Bruce told the organization,
Two huge Internet companies in existence have entered the Business-to-Business online space – and debuted AmazonSupply (, an e-Commerce site featuring industrial goods in April 2012. debuted Google Shopping for Suppliers (, an e-Commerce platform that helps shoppers find items tailored for their businesses in January 2013. According to this article by The Wall Street Journal, Amazon and Google are fighting it out in the B2B e-Commerce realm because that’s where the money is – in B2B transactions. Some (Interesting!) Statistics To Get Us Started Until now, nearly 70% of B2B customers are buying from companies
Innovation has become the buzzword for markets worldwide, and exists as a new competitive advantage. Singapore-based enterprises are today faced with tremendous challenges from global competition, industry disruption, and factor constraints. The world is transforming from the industrial economy to the innovation economy, where the fundamental rules of business and industries are constantly being re-written. Thus, emerging powerful digital technologies and innovative business models present incredible opportunities for enterprises to capture new value, markets and consumers. Charlie Ang, Founding President of The Innovators Institute and CEO of FutureCrafts, gave a talk at the launch of The Innovators Network (TII) a few weeks
Kiri Schumacher has been designing jewellery since 2002 (more than twelve years ago), and this figure in the contemporary jewellery scene is still full of passion and enthusiasm for her craft and business. How is that possible? Don’t the operational aspects of the business ever overwhelm and drown out her wishes to seek more inspiration along the way? How does she juggle roles in between her two-man team all this while? Find out in this case study. The Beginnings & Launch Of Kiri Schumacher Jewellery After finishing up art school in 2001, Kiri dived head first into becoming a self-employed