The civilian drone segment is a large, new emerging field, and I-Drone happens to be a main driver in fulfilling this need in the market. I-Drone, a one-year-old enterprise based in Australia with offices in both Brisbane and Melbourne, sells drones online. A large segment of their customers are composed of hobby enthusiasts who fly their drones over the weekend in parks. Other than that, I-Drone also caters to commercial customers, and custom-build drones for organisations such as universities and production companies. A lot of the drones from I-Drone are in the $1,500 mark, with custom-build, big ones made of
If you are a Maker, you are passionate about crafting and manufacturing. But we’re pretty sure that you are not as passionate about distribution, imports and exports, inventory, invoicing and all sales aspects. Well, today you are lucky – this article will make your life easier and provide you with all the necessary knowledge and resources to get things going. All the technology advancements from 3D printing to Internet of Things, RaspberryPi and Arduino have enabled you to craft like never before. We are experiencing the rise of the Makers in all forms from hardware startup founders to 3D designers,
Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate = 1 – (Number of Orders Placed / Number of Shopping Carts Created) I bet you just did a calculation on your shopping cart abandonment rate. It’s a scary number, no? I understand, which explains the purpose of this post – to dish out tips and tricks on optimising your online shopping carts so customers will go through with their purchases. According to this Ecommerce Checkout Usability Report generated by Baymard Institute (independent web research institute), the average abandonment rate for online shopping carts is about 68% – an alarming percentage! Guys, you are losing 68%
It doesn’t take an expertise in economics to know that China manufactures a lot of stuff – just look at the label on your computer, floor lamp, and shoes. It is remarkable just how, three and a half decades after Beijing first launched market reforms, the country’s dominance in global manufacturing endures. This fantastic infographic from the International Business Times, puts it in perspective: So if you are a retailer or distributor, you’d most likely have to go through negotiations with Chinese manufacturers or suppliers. This post is build on top of a previous entry, How To Improve Your Negotiation Skills And Get Better
Infographic Series – The Road To B2B Ecommerce Success The infographic (generated by Salmon, a highly innovative ecommerce digital agency with offices in the UK, China, and Australia) reinstated facts on ecommerce that should not come as a surprise now, but this one stands out the most – that ecommerce adoption is prioritized over the development of bricks and mortar presence. This reveals the trend of the diminishing importance on building a physical retail outlet just to sell your products! More businesses can also generate revenue via ecommerce as the online world is a non-discriminating platform – it does not
We had team lunch the other day at a local Mexican food joint and Cameron (mighty CEO of TradeGecko) told us this over messy plates of tacos and burritos – ‘It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran CEO or entrepreneur new to the scene, you need to equip yourself with tools and resources for self enrichment.’ Since he reads no less than 20 books a week, I put my trust in his recommendations, as follows: 1. CEOFlow: Turn Your Employees Into Mini-CEOs, by Aaron Ross As a CEO or manager, you hardly get a break from issues at work.
A serious security vulnerability called the Heartbleed Bug was found earlier this week that affected approximately two-thirds of websites on the internet. We have been working with our services providers over the last few days to secure our software and make sure that your data is safe. The vulnerability was closed on our end on Tuesday and we have no reason to believe any data was compromised. However, to be safe, we recommend you change your TradeGecko password as soon as possible and if you have developed an application on top of our API, get in touch with us to
If you are working in an open office, your office layout may be causing you to be awfully unproductive and distracted, even stressed out. Open office floor plans seem to be an essential part of start-ups, and more established organisations are also catching onto this trend. But a growing volume of research and studies are showing that despite its popularity, it might be undermining the very things that it was designed to achieve. This chart below published by Harvard Business Review, based on a study of more than 42,000 US office workers, displays the main complaints about different office layouts.
Guido van Staveren dreamt of a world where the commercial market for coffee and the social cause for distributing more (and well deserved) value and profit to coffee producers could merge together seamlessly. That was how Moyee Coffee came about. 2 years later, Moyee Coffee, based in Amsterdam, is still the first Fair Chain coffee brand in the world. What exactly is Fair Chain coffee? How different is it from fair trade coffee? “Fair trade pays famers 10% more for the beans and then brings the beans to Europe for roasting and packaging. We pay the farmers 20% more for
TradeGecko has just partnered up with ShipStation – shipping nirvana for businesses worldwide. This integration between both systems is an undeniable union of a match made in heaven for business owners. ShipStation is a web-based software crafted to help e-commerce retailers process, fulfil, and ship their orders from popular marketplaces using all the top carriers, while TradeGecko is a godsend on achieving complete inventory management and control. With the integration, both systems can synchronise data and information simultaneously in real time. Sales orders produced in TradeGecko will get pushed to ShipStation for order fulfilment while shipment updates on ShipStation will